Our Culture

We exist
To Move People


To enable the future of mobility with innovative and sustainable solutions.


To design and deliver exceptional transportation solutions that are safe, accessible, efficient and reliable.


WE PLEDGE to be customer focused

in providing safe, accessible, reliable and technologically advanced transportation solutions with the lowest total cost of ownership to keep people and communities moving.


WE MUST EARN the trust of those we serve

and those they serve through a steadfast commitment to safety and quality delivered as promised.


WE FOSTER smart leadership

at every level to continuously raise standards and advance technological innovation and service performance. We’re passionate about a never-ending pursuit of operational excellence.


WE BELIEVE in sustainability

and the positive social, economic and environmental impact of the work we do every day.


WE VALUE honesty, hard work and team work

and those who do that work with pride and integrity. We strive to be a great place to build careers.

Our Sustainability Pledge

Our Sustainability Pledge guides our daily actions and long-term planning. NFI is passionate about creating a better product, a better workplace, and a better world. Read more about ESG and NFI here.

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